Ooooh. Life in general I guess

“mommy do I have to make a meaningful post?”
” yes dear…”

well, I got some of the best advice of my life last night – it wasn’t anything big… or exuberant or anything. it literally was …

“take 6 deep breaths”

i got it from alci, … it actually worked, and I was looking for him this afternoon on Furc but he went out, i really want to tell him that it worked and I finally calmed down… about time I do believe…

Anyway… today was interesting I guess… I went to church and saw Steve. he was going to help the little kinds in the junior ministry… so i went don’t to help him and saw nancy and we ended up helping the kids under grade 2 learn about the gospel. it was fun. it was like something I use to do when I was little and something I use to help with too.

but I get home and mike and I had another little tift… I don’t even remember what is was, nothing like usual I’ll tell you and as I leave the room he yells after me “fuck you” …. I’ve never been so disgusted and horrified in my life… a 60 year old man said “fuck you” to a 17 year old girl….

that’s just ruined my day…

but I went to a kohls in penna… and I went into the girls section and I got a dress for MYSELF in THE GIRLS SECTION of the store. Yes… I still can fit into a girls large… yes I’m short and physically small… I don’t fit into anything else. But I got a white shirt too, so I guess it’s not too bad…

and i got stuff for my finals…pencils… mechanical ones too, the nice kind with the rubber grip, so yeah…

and that’s about it so far… I don’t know, life’s a bitch and it keeps on snowing… I have finals tomorrow too…fuck it

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