Make it stop… make it all stop…

Stupid people and there shallowness… every god damned weekend it’s the same old thing, I’m tired of every time I try to eat ANYTHING I have Mike making my life suck!!! Every time, he starts on whatever I can’t do right the second I try to have dinner… it makes me wish I was anorexic sometimes, just so this couldn’t happen, because if I didn’t eat then he couldn’t make me get sick every night and feel like I’m going to throw up all night from his constant screaming and making me feel worthless…

I got home from church with my mom… yeah… some atheists go to church just for the music… and we left really early to go get a bagel and stop at the library… before we left Doug S called me and Mike got on my case… He’s so stupid! I mean, he can’t do anything right, not even fried chicken the old fashioned way! AND HE’S WATCHING THE NEWS! 5 MINUTES BEFORE HE SCREAMS AT ME TO LEAVE HIM ALONE, THE NEWS ISN’T EVEN 1/2 OVER AND HE YELLS HE NEEDS THE PHONE THAT SECOND!!! that makes no sense so we go to church, come home and he starts that we didn’t bring him coffee! He had like 3 cups already! So we start making our breakfast! it was about 12pm then! and he gets all pissie and is about to get on me about something and my mother stops him and says after we eat… well, that didn’t last long! He started right in on something I didn’t know about then!… so it gets so bad he smacks me twice… because I tried to defend myself and it didn’t work… I threatened to call 911, he hands me the phone and DIALS FOR ME! my god… he leaves the room in a huff and screams at me more, belittles me… and keeps going as my mom is telling me to keep calm… I tried… and he just keeps up… so now… I’m suppose to be on punishment… but I don’t care… he can eat worms and DIE right now… because I’m tired of crying and tired of hurting…

Why couldn’t college be closer… so then I could leave!


What’s *Your* Sex Sign?

Libra, as you probably have noticed, you are always surrounded by scores of admiring suitors. You are a very accomplished flirt. Catching you is not for the faint hearted. Competition is always fierce. Your innate charm and incredible looks instantly attract – and keep – your lovers. Old flames and rejected suitors always keep coming back for more.

There is a strong bisexual element in your personality. You’re more likely to be aroused by the same sex than other signs. In threesomes, you are more likely to prefer that one parter is opposite sex and that the third is same sex.

Your lovers adore you because you are a real ego stroker. You are eager to please and will do almost anything they ask.

You are a born diplomat, which comes in handy with all of your suitors. You always win fights too, because your charm is irresistable!


survey again

What time is it? 1:56pm EST
Name: Juliet Mishelle Juillet Williamson
s/n: dun mater, because unless I have your SNs you can talk to me… **looks around confoozled… Raziel Liberi
Age: 17
DOB: March 23 198–
LOB: Chicago Illinois
Sign: Pisces/Aries
Belive in signs?: Depends on the type
Religon: Atheist
Eyes: Blue Green
Hair: Medium brown
height: 5’2”
weight: 110-113
disposition: Laid back

Do you Agree…

“The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is to be in love, and be loved in return.” – it sounds all good until you get cheated on or cheat on

“Eagles may soar, but at least weasels don’t get sucked into jet engines” – I like that one… but… it sounds a little sickning

“A stitch in time saves nine” – I’d rather procrastinate then do all 10 at the same time and pretend I didn’t

“We have nothing to fear but fear itself.” – … unless it’s a huge Rabid clown chacing you around with the OJ simpson murder weapon and a water bottle in both hands screaming ” HEY DINNER! GET BACK HERE” … and the clown just ironically happens to be called fear

“I believe in homicide” – and suicide!

“Don’t dream it, be it” — Don’t leave it, sleep with it! That I agree with

“All you need is love.” – That’s from Mulin Rouge ana’a?

“One thing I can’t stand is loud, screaming kids. Except for when they’re runnin’ around on fire…then it’s kinda funny.” — LMAO!!!

“I see dead people.” – yeah… and the moron who made this survey and the last one I took are about to BECOME dead people

Your opinion on…

God: another load of crock that some idiots made up a few thousand years ago… I really wish that stupid thing would FAID OUT ALREADY!!!!!!!!!

Humanity: …. no… comment **grones**

The true purpose of religon: Wait… it has a purpose…. I honestly didn’t care enough to wonder about that

What’s the current sound in your ear? a really cool Soap called “passions”

What time is it now? 2:07pm EST

After comparing times, is this one of the more short quizzes you’ve taken? situation dependant

…reminds you of an ex-friend? any of those fucking boy bands and christina Augulera

…makes you cry? thinknig of my great uncle

…makes you laugh? Doug Glahn and Heather

…makes you wanna dance? Goo goo dolls music

…reminds you of the one you want? Phnatom of the opera and the snow

…reminds you of the one you love? my glass snowflake, and phantom of the opera

…you wish you wrote? well, book? Interview with the vampire… Letters?

…you never want to hear again?the idiots in my HS’s voices

…you want to get married to? He knows who he is >#^-^#<

…makes you want to mosh/bang your head? hmm…

…sums up your teenage years? festering hell whole

…you used to hate but now love? school ^-^ and my clarinet

…you like to wake up to? Goo goo dolls music

…you like out of your parents' record collection? my parents don't have any that I know about

…you love that you wouldn't know about if it wasn't for a friend? oooh I get it! What would I not know about if it wasn't for a friend… Um… Creed ^^

A survey… gee so original

[First Name:] Juliet

[Middle Name:] Mishelle

[Last Name:] Juillet Williamson

[Any Nicknames:] Chickie, Jul, Buttercup, Julaya, Julia


[Birth date:] March 23

[Zodiac Sign:] I’m Pisces and Aries

[Where were you born at:] where? Chicago Illinois … remember, only retards pronounce the “S” it’s not “Ill-A-Noise” it’s “Ill A Noy”

[Where do you live:] The Arm pit of America

[Have you ever moved:] Sadly… plenty of times

[Eye Color:] blue green

[Hair Color:] To light to be brown (or even a light brown for that matter) and to dark to be blonde. I’d say a gold color.

[Hair Length:] Not even to my shoulders

[Wavy/straight/curly hair:] short and curly

[Skin(pale,white,tan,dark,black):] I’m pretty tan, It’s that Slavic I got in muh blood ^-^

[Have you ever dyed your hair:] Plenty

[If so, what color:] Well, it was Raggedy Anne Red at one time… then almost bronze… and Orange for a few weeks… then I dyed it Dark almost black brown after the highlighting incident last summer Right now it’s a medium brownish thingy

[School:] North Hunterdon Regional Hellhole or… if you prefer The North Hunterdon Department of Corrections if you’ve been so unfortunate to have gone there

[Grade:] 9-12 ** rolls eyes** 4 years too many

[Mascot:] A pansy ass lion and Dave the rave! DAMN! That dudes been around FOREVER! He’s SO COOL! Better then the water boy in that road kill squirrel costume

[Name 5 words to describe yourself:] Evil, sadistic, Black hearted, Sexy, provocative

[Siblings:] ….Not anymore


[Parents Names:] Mike and Janet

[Pets:] Yeah

[If so, how many and what’s their names:] we got the Little westy named Spunky, The 7½ inch Catfish named “DUDE!!!!!!!!!” and the huge Goldfish I lovingly Call “Killer”

[Any Tattoos:] not yet, but I will

[Any Piercing:] I have one in the cartilage of my right ear.

[Braces:] HELL NO

[Freckles:] I got little brown dots all over **smiles**

[glasses/contacts:] I have glasses, but it depends on my mood


***Of your friends which is the…..

[Best:] Josh, Doug, Korey, Victor and Kristian.. I love all of them! ^^

[Funniest:] My Dougs! ^^

[Prettiest:] Alieah, Heather and Lisa

[Smartest:] Victor

[Craziest:] Korey and Kristian

[Most likely to succeed:] Nick

[Hangs with you most:] Katy, ((love ya sexy))

[Best Style:] heather

[Flirtiest:] Heather! Kristian!!

[Quietest:] Victor

[Loudest:] HEATHER and Jen

[Sweetest:] Laura!!

[One you share all your secrets with:] Doug

[Weirdest:] Steve!

[Blondest:] Laura and heather!

[The one that lives farthest away:] Krone!!!

[The one that lives closest:] Katy!

[One you have known the longest:] Lisa! Soul sista Flow sista!


[Do you want to get married:] Yeah ^^;;

[If so, what age would you like to be married:] Well, after I’ve gotten to do some of the things that I’ve dreamed of… I don’t want to get tied down too soon!

[Who will you marry:] he knows who he is! >#^-^#< MEW!

[What do you want to do when you grow up:] I'd love to perform on Broadway… but I'd love to teach music to kids and share my joy with them

[Where will you live:] I'd like to stay in the US, but Japan sounds nice ^^

[Do you want to have kids:] Yes ^^

[If so, how many:] 2 girls

[What would you name them:] Reva Michelle & Mara Janine


[Coke/Pepsi:] mutts ^^

[Pen/Pencil:] purple pen

[Vanilla/Chocolate:] mix ^^

[hug/kiss:] both, I'm not too picky! But Hugs are so snuggly ^^

[lights on/off:] off! I love the DARK!

[dark/light:] Dark! Right when the stars are all out

[rose/lily:] Peach roses ^^

[Dr Pepper/Mt. Dew:] Dr. Pepper chap stick ^^

[McDonalds/Burger King:] Neither! SUBWAY!!!

[sandals/shoes:] Barefoot

[*Nsync/BSB:] they all suck each other so no… Goo Goo Dolls? Now those are my kinda of guys ^^

[Britney/Christina:] Sorry, no cheap Whores here… I may be Bi… but I'm not stupid

[Justin Timberlake/Nick Carter:] no thanks… too… **cringes**

[CD/Tape:] CD

[Phone/Computer:] in person

[Skittles/M'n'M's:] Skittles

[rich and unhappy/poor and happy:] poor and happy

[tootsie pops/blow pops:] DumDum ^^

[1 pillow/or 2:] 2 ^^ Snuggling good ^^


[colors:] Midnight blue

[food:] Veggi Burrito

[song:] "More then words" – Extreme and "Call and Answer" – Barenaked Ladies there are a lot though

[Group:] The Goo Goo Dolls!!!!!!!!!

[Solo Singer:] Avril Lavrine

[Movie:] City of Angels

[Tv Show:] Iron Chef

[Beverage:] green tea

[Alcoholic beverage:] Sake

[store in the mall:] Um… Old Navy

[flower:] Peach Roses

[day of the week:] Tuesday

[animal:] Catfishie ^^

[holiday:] um…

[sport:] Marching Band, TaeKwonDo and Fencing

[fast food:] Subway

[color to wear:] Black, Brown or Dark blue

[number:] 5

[actress:] Natalie Portman (( I'd be her Bitch))

[actor:] Chris Farley

[MTV Show:] I guess the Videos

[ice cream flavor:]

[magazine:] National Geo


Have you ever…

[cheated on a test:] Yeah… a few

[Cut your own hair:] yes, many, many times…

[Dyed your own hair:] yes

[been in a fight:] plenty

[If so, how many times:] I've gotten into plenty at school and at the homes

[Skinny Dipped:] No comment

[Skipped School:] no

[Stayed home on a Saturday:] I work, so no

[Streaked:] Not yet…

[Toilet papered someones house/car:] No

[Paintballed someones house/car etc:] I don't paintball

[Got toilet papered:] No

[Smoked Weed:] nope ^^ been around someone that did…but only for a minute

[Been so drunk you puked:] no thank god

[been drunk:] Once

[Got in trouble with the police:] My uncle IS the police…

[If so, for what:] **rolls eyes**

[played spin the bottle:] yes, and it sucked

[ran away from home:] yes, and if I was aloud to cross the street at the time it may have gotten better

[stolen something:] When I was 5

[broken a bone:] My Shoulder and my wrist

[cheated on a BF/GF:] Ohhh yes… only once, and I regretted it and told him about it and stopped talking to the other guy

[fell asleep in class:] 6th grade science… Every class, All year

[gone to jail/juvenile:] my uncle works in one

[been in the hospital:] Plenty

[flashed someone:] no comment

[kissed someone of the same sex:] Yes ^^

[gotten lost on a vacation:] yeah


[Do you drive:] noperz

[Do you have a car:] yes

[If so, what kind of car do you have:] 2001 steel blue Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo

[What kind of car do you want:] 2002 steel blue Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo

[Do you think you will ever get your dream car:] yeah…

[Do you wish you were older/younger than you are:] Older…

[If so, what age and why:] So I could leave this festering hellwhole

[Do you like to party:] No

[How often do you go to parties:] Never

[Do you drink:] yes, but not enough to make a difference

[Do you smoke:] HELL NO

[Do you cuss:] gee… I fucking wonder… lets think about this one REAL damned hard… **smiles** That's a yes

[Do you consider yourself attractive:] for a Succubus… yes

[Do you consider yourself a nice girl/boy:] not really

[Do you have a CD burner:] yeah, Roxxio

[What did you do yesterday:] Nothing ^^

[What did you do today:] Taekwondo and Nothing

[What are you doing tomorrow:] Shopping

[What are you doing this weekend:] Working and becoming riffraff at a balloon festival ^^

[What did you do last weekend:] Worked and fenced

[What are you gonna do when this is over:] NOTHING ^^


[thing you ate:] A turkey and cheese sandwich

[thing you drank:] Blue Gatorade

[song you heard:] Bare Naked Ladies – Call and answer … it's playing right now

[show you watched:] Crossing over with John Edward

[thing you said:] dun remember… probably " yeah ma"

[person you saw:] My mommy

[person who called you:] My dad

[person you called:] Vicci

[person you hugged:] Mammy

[who's car you rode in:] Muh ma's

[movie you watched:] MIB 2

[person you talked to on the internet:] Kristian and Josh

[person that instant messaged you:] Catie