Sick day!! Sick day!

Well, I was really getting sick yesterday but since i got to sleep in today I feel a lot better! ^^ I needed a day to relax! I really push myself too hard… too many classes! Too many Credits o.o;; I still don’t feel that great though. I hope it’s better soon!

Anyway… I added to La Entrada yesterday in the LJ, I kinda like what I did in there, but I need to addd some to the middle, I think it went to fast for me… **shrugs** I’m not useto posting in the mornings! I’m useto sleeping through my classes! hehe Today is great though. I saw the good bye steve episode on Nickelodian those were so cute! but seeing steve go to college was really sad! but cute! I love that show! hehe! sooo adorable!!

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