Enomarado – La Entrada
Alaborn Relicbane

“I believe I should start from the bible, the beginning and ending of all.
        In the beginning, when God created the heavens and the earth…The earth was a formless wasteland, and darkness covered the abyss while a wind swept over the waters.  Then god said… “Let there be light” and there was light. And it was good… And throughout the 6 days god created the Dry land, The Sea, Moon and stars. And among the animals he brought forth the man and woman to rule over them with his blessing.”   The room was dark, the feminine voice trailed off leaving an uncomfortable silence on the table in-between them. She dropped her cowl like hood back, Revealing a some what surprising figure of what appeared to be a young girl, the shadows lying against her skin made her appear older, but vulnerable. Pulling her long, dark hair out of the back of her hood she looked into my eyes
“There was not just an eve child, but two. The mother of all was not just the first child of God. There was Lillith, God had created her from the rib of Adam as the bible says, but she was wild, easily tempted, easily tricked. And as the serpent saw that her eye teeth could be used to draw blood he rushed to the occasion. Tempting her not with the apple of creation but with the blood of ages. As the night fell and her fangs slipped into the neck of her husband Adam He heavenly father came to his aide, Casting the woman out of the garden and punishing her to feed of the blood of men for all ages.
But the Serpent was not to be evaded that easily. As Lillith prepared herself for a death by fire the Serpent offered her one more gift. The offer to be immortal like god, He said to drink blood is to live forever, to create a-new by transferring the blood was a gift. And for her soul… for her soul she could live in the darkness forever. And without a moment of hesitation she accepted this gift for her soul. And as the night fell, and each star shed its light onto the land below the brightness of Lillith’s soul flickered and was sent into the underworld. She had died and yet been reborn…. and as the days, months and years followed her life she fed on the blood of others… living in eternal darkness, but for her time and pain she gained great rewards…”
        Again she trailed off, leaving nothing behind of her voice, I could barely find words in my throat to speak to her directly, but there was something inside that drew me to her, every moment I found pulled me closer and closer to this one, the one.  My eyes locked onto hers.
“My name is Kismet Todavias… Some referrer to me… as Eve… you may as you please…”  She cupped her hand around the fire and it glowed brighter, yet brighter still and I saw her face, for those few moments I saw her long, black hair. Dark, frozen eyes piercing and her white skin. Her lips just touching each other so her stoic expression would never waver. As she removed her hands, the flame went down, back into its silver holder.
“You are searching for Alaborn Relicbane.” it was so calm, like she read my mind, she couldn’t have known my quest of answers
“How could you know?” gracefully she put her hands across the table stopping even my slightest gesture.
“Relicbane has been the… bane… of my existence for 2000 years… WE have not just known each other but have hand the misfortune to have had the same mistress during the period known as the Roman Empire…” I felt my eyes widening at her soft, calm breathy voice.
“She was my daughter, my fledgling, the carrier of the Relicbane for my mistress… Sorine of Relicbane… But all of that changed as that Bitch betrayed me! Power hungry and worthless she trapped me in my own home!”
You must tell me this story! You must explain all of this to me! I need to track her down!”
“Trust me my dear, I know what you want as much as it was my own dream years ago. I will tell you my story, I will tell you about Alaborn Mariel Relicbane as well, as she is as much a part of my story as she is yours now… if you please?” she blew out the candle and with the cinder she scratched onto the table a pentacle, holding her hands on top of it until the glow was solid
“It was back as the Roman Empire was weakening, The Empire was split into two parts now and I was the strongest maiden the queens’ soothsayer…”
“Madam Todavias… What about before you?” I cut her off and her dark; almost black eyes could have slit my throat.” 
“You have nothing to know there child. Everything you need to know will come after my first 1000 years. The only worth while information is about my being the Right hand of the mistress Sorine… She had destroyed the Soldevi Vampiric clan. I was a Soldevi then, the controlled all of Constantinople… before Constantine came. And as the vampires destroyed the land I helped the resistance and for my alliances Sorine put me as her… Head Vampiress, in charge of all of her commitments. There were a series of…Vampire crusades back then… were only the best women and men were chose for Sorines Empire… And the town of Ankara was the easier for the first attack. She sent her strongest allies… along with me to round up the strongest, brightest ones… and to kill the excess… I was told to wait outside the town while the ones were kidnapped and killed during the night, piled into carts and dragged back to Constantinople. I waited… and waited in the dungeons coordinating. And as the first people came. I was prepared. A fortnight later they were lined up, nude, against the cold stone walls. And I, dressed in back made the final selections for Sorine…

(( I’ve been writing for hours. And I’ll stop now))

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