wow, it’s been a long weekend! I had to work both days! ** exhausted** 10-closing on Saturday and 8am to closing today!! EEEE lucky we closed early today! I’d have died if we didn’t… But other then that today sucked. I’m cold, Wet because it rained all fucking day. I mean, we need the water but WHY IS IT ALWAYS WHEN I HAVE TO GO OUT IN IT! I hate it that we close early now, it just makes my life even worse.

well, I had to go and fucking fail math, I had to get a fucking 50 in the damned class it’s ont like I try to be stupid! And my god damned history teacher didn’t give me a fucking GRADE! there’s a fucking BLANK… thanks McGinnis! Fucking queer! That thing I needed there was your fucking moron no grade! fucker can kiss my ass!

sorry, I’m cold, tired, hungry, Tired, cold and annoyed because of those… I will be irratable

Scrach that, downright IRATE!! and vicci’s sick.. .poor baby…damn it… I’m not in the mood anymore

Find your Role-Playing

take the antisocial test.

and go to because laura’s feeling social.

You’re Kasumi Karen!
You’re outgoing and friendly, you are probably a big flirt, and you know how to flaunt your good qualities. However, you’re also a lot deeper than most people realize. Beneath your teasing attitude lies your true kind and gentle nature. You care deeply about people in general, and your loved ones in particular. Your maternal instincts lead you to automatically wish to protect that which you love, even if it happens to be a married man…
Which Dragon of Heaven are you?
Quiz by Kerianne

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