**sighs** it’s not been a long day, just a long week, I don’t know what it is, I feel like I’m just so emotionally drained… I’m really,really tired… I got lectured by rob today about a lot of crap. You know, I didn’t meant for all of this to happen, and I don’t really want to be romantic with Rob. an I don’t want him to think he’s just a Victor placeholder, because he’s not. I love him a lot, but I’d like for us to be best friends, I don’t want the two of us to get involved and then have something happen. You get it?

Victor is different though, He’s my soul mate… I just wish my parents understood that! I really love him, he’s my angel! Today I feel different about him because of all this shit but I mean.. there are things that will never change… damn… I’m confusing myself… I’m so happy tomorrow is Saturday. I’m just hurting all over from school, I NEED A VACATION!!! just from everyone…

more later

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