I’m tired of the terrorists…

first it’s just regular terrorism. Then it goes to chemical, then Biological, then Nuclear… okay, I care and then I don’t. Contradictory. Right? I know. But see where I’m coming from, 60 miles from fucking “Ground Zero” I hate that word.

ooooh! Rev. Jessie Jackson might go over to mediate those fucking foreign terrorists! There probably just gonna kill him! You know what, when he goes and they tie him to a rocker and launch it over here I’m gonna laugh, because he should shut the fuck up for once! God damn it! I’m so sick of this! If I wasn’t by fucking NYC and it’s god damned fucking “Ground Zero” Then maybe I could get back into my life! but NO. because all I get here is NYC news, Television, Radio. EVERYTHING

I think I should take Ryans advice

” I think you need a good field frolic Juliet. Get yourself some of that Slavic Vodka and go have a nice field frolic. And go nuke some afghans.”

But that’s Ryan. I think the Vodka and the field will be good enough… **snickers** ooooh Victor!?

** sighs** but this is just bullshit. If those stupid people try this again I’m getting a one way ticket either to Reidsville to Chicago and I’m not coming back!! New York sucks!

I just don’t see why that fucking Talban has to have so much shit against us… but I really need to get my feelings out because I haven’t had time to do anything since this has happened. So forgive my venting… and maybe crying.

okay. 9-11… September 11th I was at school, just leaving Mr. Mcgehan’s class when a girl told me that an ARMED HELECOPTOR crashed into the WTC. I’m thinking, ” woah.”
Spanish class: Announcement that 2 planes crashed into the buildings and all hell was breaking loose all over the country… I’m scared.
Chem: It’s official, the world is going to be destroyed. I go to choir and it hits me that MY DAD COULD BE THERE! I leave choir and go to guidance and there’s Lauren in the hall, she went with me and we called my dad. He saw it all happen on the top floor of his office building that’s across the Hudson… That let a little off my mind…

my mother took me home early

and I tried to avoid the television, but I went to look for cartoons… and all I could find… on every channel… everywhere… even on MTV and VH1 was these explosions! and it was so much… I still can’t sleep… I’m still having nightmares… And I’m still scared…

but I haven’t had time to let my feelings out… because I’ve been talking and listening to everyone else. holding what I think inside… for the good of the life!!!!!

3 thoughts on “I’m tired of the terrorists…

  1. akiraokami says:


    As you know I’m not really bothered by the fact World War III might break out, but I AM acctualy bothered about my friends being bothered, so you know what my advice to you is?

    Get your ass over to some deserted island in the middle of the ocean and wait there for the next 50-60 years!

    That’s what I would do, if I could, I’d bring myself (offcourse) a girl, a radio and batteries for it and means to escape the island just in case.

    Think of it like this, back in 5th grade our teacher always asked us silly questions like this one
    “If you were stuck on a deserted island and could only bring 5 things, what would you bring?”

    I used to say “My computer, a bed, a tv blah blah blah”

    Now I’d say “A laptop with batteries for a loooong time, something to sleep in at night, a girl I like, food and means to catch more food or means to escape the island”

    So think about it for a while, what do you want to do?

  2. aximilij says:

    Ya know…

    You could have told me about all this. Although I really don’t have anything constructive or maybe even benificial to say… The world’s on edge right about now. Nukes… well nukes are just there to scare people, atleast that’s why most countries have them. Listen don’t worry about nyc. If the states havn’t tightened security (to the point it’s so restricting that not even an spider could get through unnoticed)then there’s got to be some fools in your goverment then I thought. Canada (although we were completely forgotten) is behind the U.S. 100% and if canadians aren’t known to be couragous then all the other countries are cowards. We’ll fight to the last man ( and then some ) for what we believe in. :: sighs :: Well i don’t want to worry you and if i already have i’m sorry.


  3. banrai2000 says:

    you’ll be ok

    Juliet.. I don’t think there’s any reason for you to worry..
    All the terrorists wanted to do is scare people.
    Now they’ve done that, and they’re assholes, but if they could come up with such a plan as crashing planes into the twin towers then they’re not stupid enough to start another attack at New York.
    And a nuclear war.. well I doubt Bush will fire of any nukes just yet.
    Sorry if I’ve just made you feel worse..
    Well I’m going to bed now… gnight

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