A very interesting day…

Yeah, I REALLY need to post more often. What else is new… but I just can’t believe it… I have a friend… no wait… let me start from the beginning! My RP character Queen Guardian Julaya Na had her heart ripped out. (( no, not literally)). The Fox that she loved had a wife. and she knew it. but Zorro had amnesia… so he and Julaya got married. But things happened and Zorro went back to his Wife Mimi and got his memory back. Julaya had to watch as they kissed and she had to tell Zorro about what happened. Her heart broke… There also was a battle beforehand with the freak that made Zor loose his memory… And Julaya was still weak from that… but… she didn’t feel loved. The rest of the guardians took her to the castle and she was there on life support… here’s where this all went to hell… I found out a friend of mine said she stole Julaya from the hospital and they had a clone because she was in love with her… Then she RPed with her! Vic told me on the phone… I was ready to scream… I did, She drew pictures as well… One of a naked Julaya in a status tube with the other girl taking stats (( This is JUST as bad as the time Ricky gave Alieah permission to draw hentai with Julaya and almost gave the pictures to someone else! A girl whose name was JULIET)) and one of The Girl holding Julaya like Jesus was being held in a famous painting. I was disgusted by the first one. It was more Horror. I just couldn’t believe it! I didn’t care that The other girl was in love with Julaya… it was the principal that She stole Julaya! And it’s NOT just another Roll play to me! Julaya is my character and I was mad because I didn’t know UNTIL LAST NIGHT!! This other thing happened over 2 WEEKS AGO!!! That was what burns me so! I just cant believe it. So I had a talk with her… okay… I didn’t… Vic did on my SN and I told him what to say while I was on a different one doing what I do best…NOTHING. But things are cleared up I think… anyway… I’m tired of this topic…


Vic’s pissing me off again… It’s that stupid scooter… I read his latest entry and it’s like… He’s obsessed with it! I would have loved to say to him.
” Here. Pick something. My love or that damned piece of scrap metal!”
but I didn’t. That’s just mean and rude…But still! He’s driving me nuts! I was so pissed off at him last night! He’s so annoying over it! I hate it! I was ready to just tell him to be that way and hang up!! I just don’t like it! I’m afraid he’s GOING TO GET KILLED! It’s like a motorcycle! and I don’t care how much experience he can get on it… what I feel about him on that thing… it’s just… oh lord… I mean… if it was anyone else… I wouldn’t be this concerned… and it’s not that I don’t trust his capabilities on it… or anything else… it’s just… Where’s Jesse when I need her?! She would understand what I mean! And I think when Vic reads this… he’ll understand where I’m really going… It’s not that… really.. I trust him on it… just… **frustrated sigh** I don’t think he got what I was saying last night… It’s not the scooter… it never was… I don’t care about how safe it is… and I know I’m being repetave… him on that thing scares me… Where is Jesse!? ** sighs**

((slowly)) Moving right along.

Well, I got fiddler crabs yesterday… 2 of them. male and female. So, now It’s going to be a remembrance of the mutant guppies experiment again… When I was little I had a BIG tank of Guppies and they started inbreeding… it was SO GROSE!!!! LMFAO. those were the sickest looking things eva!

well, That’s about it… I don’t know anymore… About Vic and the scooter I mean… The thing is wrong…and Vic I hope you’ve read this… because I don’t think I could explain it again…

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