I know a scatterbrain!

‘Tis been a looooong morning. But I went to Symphony camp today… it was… Interesting. I’m playing Oboe in it. They were desperate. what can I say, but I’m eager to play for them! It’s fun we’re playing semi hard stuff and I’m enjoying it! 9-12 in the morning! I thought summer Vacation was for GETTING SLEEP!!!!!! Jesus! well. Mi Vicito finally posted in his Live journal! He’s not just A SCATTERBRAIN he’s MY SCATTERBRAIN! and that makes it all good!

Well, Yesterday re-cap.
1) I went to the mall and blew over 40 dollars on TOTAL CRAP!!
2) got a cool cape that makes me look even more like the temptress then before. And it’s black and ties in front… sad thing. It’s see through too.. so I have to behave. I think I quote someone when I say Sore wa himitsu da.

Hey, Vicito. I know you’re going to read this. But listen… you promised to link me to your site and you never did. You promised to put some of my fic’s on you site and you never did…. and you never told me you changed servers! What the Hell!?.. and you’re site won my award once… I guess none of my stuff matters now does it… but you kept promising me and nothing happened… What gives?

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