I’m sorry

Listen, Akira… Jahn… I know I was a bitch and I know what I said was wrong. But listen, I was upset. an I didn’t sick Vic onto you. He did that himself. He asked. I know, I make mistakes too when I get pissed I get pissed! and this is a public Apologie! I’m sorry. I was just really REALLY upset. not just at you but at a lot of things that happened to me. and you got the brunt of it. I’m sorry

” hello,
Allow me to
introduce myself. I am smitten.
And you couldn’t care less”
~~ Rod Stewart~~

Okay! I see the convo between Vicito and Jahn. This is total Garbage! Jahn is a bad liar! and I know I put an apoligie but I mean this is a journal and I can put what I want in here! I know that I’m not the easiest person to deal with! I’ll admit it! but it’s like sometimes but lisen to me when I say UNLESS YOU KNOW SOMETHING FOR SURE KEEP IT TO YOURSELF!! We almost split because
a) I lost my temper
b) we were told something wasn’t true!

I’m personally ready to scream! I want to hit something.

Talk to me

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