Hey hey!
OH! Last night was great! I went to the school graduation! It was so sad but so fun to watch all my friends Graduating and going off to other places in the world! I was playing in Concert band too. That was great! I’m the band Librarian #1, my friend Katharine-Su is Librarian #2! It was just great to do, But the end of the night was the sad part. As Kath and I were leaving we Saw Matt. He was last years Drum Major. It’s so sad seeing him leaving. I loved him, he was the sweetest thing ever! He’s going to Penn State. He wants to be a weather man! And that’s cool, I just wish He was still staying here. But we hugged and Said our farewells. ((and cried a little)) I’m gonna miss all the seniors. Those were some of my best High School friends.

Okay! I found out what’s BLUE, SHINEY, SOFT, & FUZZY!

A TEDDY BEAR!! Vicito gave me a hint! Ursa! I speak latin! and for all you that dont know Ursa means bear. like the constilations! I’m so excited! and he’s sending me piccies too! ^^. I’m so excited now! It’s a metallic blue teddy bear! Isn’t he such a sweety to me? I called him lastnight when I got home and left a message on his mashine and when he called me back it was just so much fun to talk to him!

I think he’s my soul mate

I hope he is. We both love each other a lot, have sooo mcuh in common, Have lasted over a yeah and a half and we’ve made it through a lot of fights! But lastnight made it all so cute! And he apoligised for not calling me and it was so presious! I loooooove him! We were talking about our accents lastnight too! I think, and so does Jessi, that has a verri cute voice. Vicito has that touch of southern, it makes him sound… innosent… almost. He says I sound like a high strung midwestener! but I AM! so there’s the cool part! I’m from chicago! So there’s a big compliment there! I’m having fun with this Journal thing! I’ve tried outher books but I hate hand writing! I’m a better typist! well, Thats all for now!
~~Bai bai~~

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