This day is going from bad to worse!
I almost lost my Vicito over some thing I got from someone else! This is Disgusting! Here’s the story. I heard from someone on my friends list that my Vicito was cheating on me and flirting with all the other girls he knows. I’m happy he flirts, but he said it was hitting and all the girls said he was too. I got all mad at Vicito and Yelled at him over it only to find out that Jessie is just one of his good girlfriends. And that’s great with me. It’s just how Akira Okami put it that really upset me! He almost ruined me and Vicito! ((Hyogitsune))
Off that subject. I HAVE GOOD NEWS!
Vicito is going to send me something and piccies! I’m sooo happy! I love him so much and all that rot! I sent him an orange teddy bear a few weeks ago and it was the softest and cutest thing! and he loved it! I’m getting him some cute stuff for his B-day in August! Well, gotta go get dressed for the graduation!


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